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Updated: 4th Dec 2023

Good to know

Everyone talks english, even the cashier and no one usually tip. You can download Dot app for tickets for metro and train tickets. If you ride a bike, wave your hand to change direction and raise your hand if you want to stop and do not cross intersection in straight line.

Traditionnal dishes : smørrebrød (open sandwich), stegt flæsk (pig with potatoes, wayyy too fat imo) and a lot of yummy pastry : tebirkes, kanelsnegl, spandauer, frøsnapper, and sweets like flødeboller, hindbærsnitte.

The city is divided in 6 quarters : Indre by, Nørrebro, Vesterbro, Frederiksberg, Christianshavn, Amagerbro

Louisiana museum is a must not only for the exhibitions but also for the beautiful park and fo the building, with a typical of Danish architecure. Direct train from København H (main train station) to Humlebæk St, make sure you reserve one afternoon for the journey.

Indre by

indre-by Hermes on Købmagergade

Historical city center, touristy with a many old houses. Kompagnistræde is a little and cute street and Gråbrødretorv is a charming square.

Museum : Statens Museum for Kunst, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Buildings : Nyhavn, Børsen, Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Marmorkirken, Amalienborg

Coffees : Kompa 9, Apotek 57, H A N S Coffee

Bakery : Andersen & Maillard

Restaurants : Slurp Ramen Joint, Kalaset, Schønnemann (Best smørrebrød in town, book it in advance), Gasoline Grill, Pizzeria Luca


norrebro Vibrant and beautiful Nørrebro

Hipster quarter

Nørrebrogade is the main street and start with the beautiful Dronning Louises Bro bridge, usually full of hipster drinking beers in the sun after work.

Sankt Hans Gade : cutest colorful street with many antiques dealers.

Jægersborggade is the most hipster street on the planet with a lot of fancy shops.

Elmegade, Peter Fabers Gade are emblematic streets of Nørrebro.

Assistens Kirkegård : beautiful graveyard. In Danemark, cemetery can be a cool place to hangout and this one is my favorite, Hans Andersen is burried there.

Coffees : Coffe Collective, Darcy’s Kaffe, Kaf (excellent vegan brunch)

Restaurants : Baka d' Busk, Depanneur, Oysters & Grill, Tjili Pop

Bars : on Blågårdsgade ou Ravnsborggade, Cafe Gavlen, Friheden, Pompette.

Bakery : Rondo, Meyers Bageri


Østerbro Nothing happens here, but it's beautiful

Rich quarter

Have a walk around the lakes, on Legeplads or on Classensgade, stop at Classens Have.

Coffees : April, Den Lille Cafe

Bar : Café Bopa

Pastry : Juno the bakery (50 meters queue every weekend)


Upper class quarter

A city inside Copenhague, full of mansions with designer interiors. Frederiksberg Have is a nice park otherwise go to Frederiksberg Allé, it's the danish champs élysées.

Bar : Cafe Intime, Vinstue 90, bars in Værnedamsvej

Coffees : Ipsen & Co, Coffee Collective Godthåbsvej

Bakery : Ard Bakery

Restaurants : CIRCOLO, Mit Lille Køkken (Smørrebrød takeaway), Bouillon (literally the only affordable restaurant in town)


meat-packing-district Meat Packing District or Kødbyen

Posh hipster quarter

From the train station on bike, go on Istedgade until Enghave Square, take Dybbølsgade and then KødbyenSønder Blvd to end on Meat Packing District, the hipster's dream.

The Meat Packing District is the main place to go out with a lot of bars, restaurants and night clubs. Little note, it's next to a junky center full of stoned homeless but the police station is nearby so it's safe. The meat packing is a old slaughterhouse, and the part called Øksnehallen look like Auswitch camps. Banegaarden is a cute place to have coffee or food with kids.

Bars : Lidkoeb, NOHO, Rbabarrab - Kihoskh Bar

Café : Prolog, Wild Horses Vesterbro

Bakery : Bageriet Brød

Restaurants : Osteria 16 Pesce, H15, Bento, Gorilla, Italo Disco, Bento, Magasasa Dim Sum


christianshavn Siberian winter in Christianshavn

Hippies quarter

Takeaway : Halla halla

Restaurants : Christianshavns Færgecafé

Broens Gadekøkken : full of little restaurants and bars, super popular spot in the summer

POPL Burger : chain of Noma, the world' best restaurant. Good burger but staff is arrogant and unfriendly.

Christiania : old barracks turned into a hippie village in 70's, known for the main street full of weed dealers. A safe and funny mix of junkie and hippies, with several houses made from junk, really charming place.

North of Christianshavn

reffen Refshalebassin

Reffen : expensive street food with beautiful view on the city, closed in the winter

Hart (Holmen) : café hype

Copenhagen Contemporary : modern art museum

Lille bakery : if you want a picture for your instagram, this is the place and the food is very good

La Banchina : good summer spot for a drink or a swim


Islands Brygge Islands Brygge in Ama

Working class quarter

Not a lot to see but in the summer Islands Brygge is a nice place to swim and hangout by the docks. Il Buco is a good restaurant in the area or go to Flyvergrillen for a view on the planes taking off and landing.

Restaurants : Alouette, Il Buco

Good danish franchise

Grød : good danish porridge, everywhere in town

Corsa pizza : probably the best pizza in town with Pizzeria Luca.

Meyers Bageri : Founded by Claus Meyer, creator of nordic cuisine and chef at Noma

Ramen to Bíiru: Good ramen

Hart Bageri: Really good bakery

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